Our mission

“Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes”

(Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier)

The famous postulate at base of law of mass conservation summarize the spirit that love us.

Today exist technologies – alternative to landfill – able to transform used packages to new raw materials. Is increased consciousness of many international industrial realty that is most convenient use secondary raw  or recycled materials, rather then recur original raw materials, which in plastic case represent keep on in extraction of a exhaustible resources such as petroleum, while for paper and carton imply in cutting new trees.

Miliardo Yida activities doesn’t restrict to collect and send to the final industry all that be conferred, but we further enhance materials value through a careful sorting. Inside our structure works over 30 control insiders, who separate minutely various plastic species based on polymer class with whom they are composed, and remove impure fraction. In plastic materials case, this means we can offer uniform and quality materials to the market, that will turn into granules by plastic manufacturer industry.

The same team spirit that we adopt inside of the structure, we have extended also to outside. Whether it deals with Client, or as Supplier, we can offer a collection and delivery service of materials in all the national and international territory, thanks important collaboration contracts with transport operators of primary importance. We adopt a rigorous traceability system, not matter it was waste or prime secondary materials, in line with the most restrictive sector normative.

Is exactly thanks to the quotidian attention that we give to our work and to relations established with suppliers and clients, that year after year our structure grow, allowing us to recognize the market highest value for materials that we bought from the suppliers, and at the same time we are able to guarantee high quality and homogeneity of sold materials to the clients.