Products and services

At our establishment could be confer different typologies of waste materials in plastic, paper and carton:

  • Ldpe plastic 98/2
  • PE plastic-100-stretch8-1_infografica_en_260317
  • LDPE floral plastic
  • jumbo bags
  • Plastic roll film
  • Plastic cask
  • Composite film
  • Granule package
  • Granule plastic
  • Paper and carton OCC 90/10
  • Tetra-pack

It will be then utilized by industry to renew:

  • Irrigation plastic tube
  • RSU plastic bucket
  • Car plastic component
  • Plastic container for non-food use
  • Plastic bottle
  • Plastic bags
  • Mulching film
  • Various plastic objects
  • Sheet of recycled paper
  • Agenda and book

For us this is a concrete contribution to the circular economy, to the base of our mission.