Find out a new method for plastic recycle

Find out a new method for plastic recycle

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5A team of researchers from University of California and Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry have discovered a efficient system to break down the polyethylene using less heat and energy, to produce liquid fuel.

With this innovative process became possible recycle millions of tonnes of waste plastic, transforming them into liquid fuel, through methods less polluting than those currently known, with significant save both in terms of used energy, also in heat produced.

The methodology proposed is based on the use of alkanes – organic composition form only by carbon and hydrogen – for mixing and separating the polymeric molecules transforming them into other useful compound (ankanes crossed metathesis). The scientist have realize how to break down the strong ties of polyethylene, through the use of what we already have available in industries, as co-product of petroleum refining.

The team of researchers is still at work to make the process even more efficient, with the intention of expanding the use to other types of plastic by reducing costs of the process.

The resources: http://www.recyclingpoint.info/

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